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Treasure Island

Hale Centre Theatre
Designer: Michelle Ohumukini

Treasure Island is a classic pirate's tale that follows Jim Hawkins on his search for buried treasure. The story takes us from Jim's comfortable life in an inn that is upended by pirates but results in Jim finding a map leading to a legendary buried treasure. He teams up with an unlikely crew but sets sail to find where 'x marks the spot' in search of untold riches.

Michelle wanted the audience to be immersed in the world of the play. I was tasked with creating multi-layered backgrounds that transported the audience from place to place, resulting in almost constant backgrounds for the duration of the play. I utilized Canvas to move the sounds throughout the surround speakers, adding another layer of immersion and complexity to the soundscape. 

Sound Design Samples​

Opening Storm

The show begins aboard a pirate ship as the fearsome Captain Flint is interrogating a crew member he suspects of being disloyal. This, along with the others, was played through all surround speakers throughout the theatre.

Opening Storm - Matthew Kupferer
1.1 Opening Storm.jpg

All production photos: Leavitt Wells

Stage Manager: Jessica Edling

Costumes: Peggy Willis

Hair/Makeup: Krissa Lent

Scenic: Kacey Udy

Lighting: Jaron Hermansen

Video: Bobby Gibson

The Hispaniola Departs

With a crew assembled and readied, Jim Hawkins set outs across the open sea in search of the buried treasure.

The Hispaniola Departs - Matthew Kupferer
1.4B Hispaniola Departs.jpg
Skeleton Island

Act 1 finishes with Jim finding the island he's been searching. We bring the audience onto the island going into intermission and through the top of Act 2. 

Skeleton Island - Matthew Kupferer
2.1A Jungle.jpg
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