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School of Rock

Hale Centre Theatre
Sound Designer: Michelle Ohumukini

As the assistant sound designer to Michelle Ohumukini for Hale Centre Theatre’s Production of School of Rock, my primary responsibilities were to document the system, maintain drawings and paperwork, and come up with a solution to manage a large number of monitor mixes. Below is a section of that paperwork that we used to communicate with the broader design team as well as our own team as we planned out and install the show. 

All production photos: Leavitt Wells

Director: David Smith

Stage Manager: Chantel Ficklin

Costumes: Peggy Willis

Hair/makeup: Trisha Ison

Scenic: Kacey Udy

Lighting: Jaron Hermansen

System Documentation (Selected)

Block Diagram
Device Plot
Speaker Plot


A look at the Max patch used to record and restore the IEM mixes for both musicians and performers on stage. With only 16 auxes but 30 performers, this Max patch effectively doubled the size of our monitor console (a Behringer X32) and saved the A2 countless hours manually inputting data every night. 

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