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L-ISA Soundscape

UNC School of the Arts

While at UNCSA, I had the opportunity to set up and program a L'Acoustics L-ISA system that a fellow student, Nora Cuthbertson, was able to design a soundscape for. The installation has since remained up and has now served as a way for other students in the department to create their own soundscapes on. 


I was also in charge of creating the public-facing interface that members of the community could interact with to experience the soundscape. I used TouchOSC to send start and stop commands to QLab, as well as control various parameters of the L-ISA processor itself. I coordinated with a few graduate film composition students on campus to load some of their multitrack compositions into QLab, and then let audience members mix them on the system to experience what these new immersive technologies are capable of. 

System Paperwork Package
SC 01.jpeg
L-ISA Controller/TouchOSC
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