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Post Audio Demo Reel
Post Production - Risky Business​, 2017

This project was one of BYU's capstone projects: a few select videos that get chosen by the school to be fully produced, spending two semesters on it from start to finish. I was brought on to do the sound design and audio editing then mixing it down with the dialogue and music. The show won an IndieFEST Film Award in the April 2017 season in the Asian category.

Sound Design Project - Trek Wars, 2017

This was the project I did at the end of my sound design class for the final. The goal was to pick a movie trailer, strip all the audio from it, come up with a concept, and then redesign the trailer. I chose to use the original Star Wars trailer and then remix it using nothing but Star Trek music and sound effects. It was originally mixed for playback in a 7.1 environment.

Post Production - BYU Ad Lab Projects​, 2016

While at BYU, I have had the opportunity to work on a few projects that were the result of a collaboration between the advertising program and the film department. For the video below (one of the first I did), I was in charge of both location audio and all aspects of post audio. I recently re-edited the ad as a fun project, and have included that as well.