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Photo: Eric Kopp

I've been fortunate enough to have worked on a wide range of shows, covering a whole host of genres over the past few years. From touring to talking heads to folk to rock, below is a selected list of groups I've worked for and what I've done with them. 

Hale Centre Theatre - 2021 to Present

- Mixed 4 to 5 shows weekly for summer musical as swing mixer in 911 seat theatre in the round

- Assisted with show load-ins and microphone maintenance during run of shows 

- Documented full audio, com, and camera systems in both spaces in Vectorworks

- Provided paperwork as needed for most shows in the season (signal flow diagrams, device plots, hookup lists, etc.)

- Assisted in retuning of the full sound system with the use of SMAART

- Oversaw implementation of new playback software to manage sound effects 

BYU Arts Production A/V Crew - 2017 to 2020

- Audio technician that supported all five venues in our campus' fine arts building

- Ran FOH, monitors, or deck audio as needed based on performance

- Worked with a variety of equipment and technology, including the Yamaha PM-10 and Digico SD10T consoles, with both Lectrosonics and Shure wireless microphone systems

- Set up, focused, and programmed multi-projector systems with both QLab and Pandora's box

- As Student Supervisor, I was responsible for answering questions from faculty in my boss' absence, mixing high-profile events for the college, and training the crew as needed

- Worked as the lead projection engineer for a two week tour to China produced by our college

BYU Department of Dance - 2017 to 2020

- Touring engineer for the Ballroom Dance Company (2017/18 school year) and International Folk Dance Ensemble (2018/2019 and 2019/2020 school years)

- Provided audio and projections support for a ten day tour of the Pacific Northwest (Ballroom) and Colorado (IFDE) and a three week tour through the North Eastern United States (Ballroom Dance Company), in addition to various one off performances throughout the year

- Set up and tuned full PA + monitors in different venues every performance 

- Set up and focused a projector from FOH position for every performance

- Mixed the 7 piece folk ensemble Mountain Strings that supports the International Folk Dance Ensemble for all their performances (32 inputs on QL1)

- Mixed International Folk Dance Ensemble's annual Christmas Around the World show (50 inputs from the band and choir on SSL L-500 in a basketball arena)

Poll Sound - 2018 to 2021

- Employed as audio technician

- Assisted in setting up L'Acoustics systems (K2, Kara, Syva) for festivals, concerts, and other performances

- Based in Salt Lake City, UT but traveled throughout the state and western US as needed

- Mixed FOH for state/city fairs

- On-stage technician during performances of high-profile events

Sundance Summer Theatre - 2017 to 2019

- Oversaw the install of the complete sound and comms system in the outdoor theatre

- Managed the audio team during the load in, run of show, and strike 

- Maintained the system and gear during the month long run 

- Mixed the show for every performance (28 wireless microphones with sweetener and track on Midas M32 [2017] and DiGiCo SD9T [2018])

Utah Metropolitan Ballet - 2017 to 2018

- Lead audio engineer for the three week run of their annual performance of the Nutcracker 

- Oversaw the load in of the microphones into the live pit orchestra 

- Principal mixer during performances (16 inputs from the pit on Yamaha QL5)

- Oversaw finding and training sub mixers 


Selected Paperwork


IFDE Input List
IFDE Running Notes
Christmas Around the World Input/Output List
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