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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Sundance Summer Theatre
Director: D. Terry Petrie

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat tells the story of Joseph from the Bible, who received a lot of disdain from his brothers for being the favorite son of the family. Joseph's brothers decide they are done dealing with their father's favoritism and Joseph's arrogance, so they sell him as a slave to some passing Ishmaelites. In the end, everything actually turns out just fine for Joseph as he gains favor with Pharaoh and becomes number two in all the land. 

The picturesque mountains of the Sundance Ski Resort were our backdrop, so the director wanted to pay homage to Sundance founder Robert Redford's history with cowboys and decided to set the musical in the Old West. Jacob and his sons were cowboys who ran a ranch, Potiphar was the owner of a saloon, and the almighty Pharaoh was a powerful railroad tycoon.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was one of the first shows I fully designed in college. With only a basic working knowledge of how a sound system was put together, I faced a steep learning curve, especially because the theatre at Sundance is an outdoor amphitheater with no installed system. It was an uphill battle, but when all was said and done, it was a fantastic experience, which proved to be a solid foundation that I continue to build on as I design each new show.  

I was in charge of spec'ing out a full system that consisted of gear from Sundance's coproducer Utah Valley University and rental equipment from a local AV company. I also oversaw the load in and performed the tuning of the system when it was all installed. I was also the mix engineer every performance during the month-long run. 

One of the challenges that came from working in this space was figuring out how to cover such a large area. There were approximately four hundred bench seats in the theatre plus another eight hundred lawn seats spread out

All production photos: Courtesy of

Sundance Mountain Resort

Costumes: Nancy Cannon & Carla Summers

Hair/Makeup: Megan Ann Bisbee

Scenic: Stephen Purdy

Lighting: Matthew Taylor

on the hill above the booth with no clear delay positions to cover such a large area. Another challenge with this outdoor space was constantly being prepared for rain because Sundance is situated high in the mountains; we had to create contingency plans in case the weather turned at a moment's notice. However, the stunning background more than made up for its challenges. 

The delay cluster atop the booth.


One of the front fills hung from the catwalk.

Selected Paperwork

System Plot
Board I/O
DCA Plot
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