Brigham Young University
Director: Hannah Gunson-McCombs

Christopher Marlowe's Faustus tells the story of the disillusioned Doctor John Faustus, who has waxed bored with physics and astronomy and decides to dabble in magic instead. He summons a demon from hell called Mephistopheles and signs a contract with Lucifer: at the conclusion of twenty-four years of service from Mephistopheles, Faustus will in turn give his soul over to Lucifer. Faustus enjoys himself and doesn't think much of the contract until the end, when Lucifer comes to collect on his soul and drags him down to hell.

The director chose a classic rock concept for the show, drawing inspiration from the personalities and music from the era, such as Ozzy Osbourne, Freddie Mercury, and The Who. We used a lot of music for underscoring, and the majority of the sound effects were inspired by the sounds of the era, such as guitar amps and the sheer power associated with classic rock concerts and bands like AC/DC.

Sound Design Samples​

The 12th Bell
12th Bell - Matthew Kupferer

When the devil comes to collect on Faustus' soul—under which is played Hells Bells by AC/DC—a twelfth strike of a bell tolls, signifying that Faustus's time as a free man has come to a tragic end. 

The same effect is played earlier in the show when Faustus originally signs the ill-fated contract.

The 12th Bell.jpg
Hell is Discovered
Hell is Discovered - Matthew Kupferer

All production photos: Emma Peterson-Porter

Costumes: Emma Petersen-Porter

Hair/makeup: Rachel Bennet

Scenic: Sarah Childs

Lighting: Stephen Warren

The large doors connecting the performance space to another theatre roll open, revealing hell. Lucifer and his attendant devils come through this door, ready to drag Faustus down to hell.

Hell is discovered.jpg
Mephistopheles' Power
Mephistopheles' Power - Matthew Kupferer

Throughout the show, Mephistopheles repeatedly reminds Faustus of the deal he made with Lucifer, which he often does in conjunction with commanding displays of his devilish powers.

Mephistopheles Power.jpg



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