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Hale Centre Theatre

Resident Sound Designer: Michelle Ohumukini


HCT Splash Page

Scenic: Kacey Udy

Lighting: Jaron Hermansen

Costumes: Peggy Willis

Hair/makeup: Krissa Lent

Video: Bobby Gibson

Automation: Nick Herring

While at Hale Centre Theatre, I have worked on the sound team in various capacities. I was originally hired to run an A2 track and be the swing mixer for a production of Guys and Dolls, but my responsibilities have shifted to include drafting and (when needed) assistant designing. Using the latest USITT guidelines, I have created a full paperwork package to document the complete audio, com, network, and CCTV systems for both the 900 seat in-the-round and 500 seat proscenium theatres in our building. On a per-show basis, I also create and maintain hookup lists and device plots. These documents have been used as references for the sound department when tuning the speakers or planning out new shows, as well as for training documents to help bring new hires up to speed on our system. 

As an assistant designer, I have created sound effects then used Canvas to implement those sounds to create immersive soundscapes. One of our more recent shows, Treasure Island, featured almost 2 hours of non-stop background ambiances that I created for Michelle to help carry us from a stormy ship at sea to a seaside dock to a remote jungle and everywhere in between.  

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